Well, these days I am slowly preparing for my snow trip. Things are generally complicated for me even without having a kid since I am not really a winter person, but with the one, you have plus trouble. I can just imagine plus two or three. Winter fairytale, let me imagine…hmm it sounds like a warm cottage hidden in a safe mountain where you spend days walking around wonderful snow packed paths and raising your sports spirit trough wintersports, breaking all the rules within your winter diet and feeling warm and cozy in the evening by a fireplace. Sound like a dream, right? Aham, but let`s be just a bit realistic,my fairytale can be close to this only if I am well prepared and packed with the necessary stuff to be warm all day, comfortable in every moment, fit in the good let`s say best possible way to survive ski day and yes packed up with all the essentials to survive mountain with the three-year-old kid. But to stay fashion conscious and with positive winter snow story I will try to show those great essentials to be in your bag and make your and mine winter fairytale possible in a realistic way.

So before I start…

I am sure some of you might not like my thought but going to ski vacation for me is not looking like a super model running around the mountain and paying too much attention to my hairstyle,nails or makeup.I am trying to be warm,comfortable and enjoy the snow like a kid with the note to survive my average ski show performance.So my essentials can be fashionable but the point is to be practical.

As I said feeling comfortable and warm for me is priority so the warm and cozy underwear and clothes wearing under the ski suit is essential No.1

  1. Cheesy? But why not, we are at the mountain not at the fashion show cute hoodie like this reflects a positive attitude.
  2. Long cardigan warms the whole body so even if you decide to act like a model during the fireplace moments you are still very fashionable.
  3. Ski socks comfortable, cozy and practical. Your feet are very important these days.
  4. Your feet put up with a lot when it’s cold outside. They allow you to cram them into oversized boots and trudge outside into the snow.
    The truth of the matter is that when it’s horrendously cold outside, only wool will do but sometimes you’ve gotta spoil yourself a little and this ultra-soft, mega-plush cashmere wool sock from Ginkova is a perfect way well as far as me.

Beauty must haves for the ski trip

As I said I am not into modeling at the ski track so as far as me face care is priority.Here are some of my beauty must haves.

1. I am trying out different products every winter as far as suncare during the winter time. But it becomes not so important since I live at Mediteran so we do not see snow unless we make a getaway to the mountain. So one product that I find really good as far as climate change and adapting to the ski condition is Coola mineral suncream.Great stuff for real!

2. Wile you are playing around acting like a kid lost in a winter fairytale take care of your lips well. Our lips really do a lot for us and often suffer for it.
Our lips really ask little in
return so the least we can do is pamper them sometimes and give them some extra attention when they need it the most.
The time of the year when lips need the most help is winter – think cold, wind and chapped lips. So my
recommendation is Beauty by Eart fantastic organic lip balm.

3. If you still want ‚‚some‚‚ makeup and to look flawless my choice is IT cosmetic at Sephora.

Time for the outwear essentials

  1. I think I am always overpacking way too many boots with the thought that my feet might get wet, and I end up wearing one most of the time, because they are the only one that I didn’t feel like I would slip and slide in. I call them hunter boots basically these are the boots for walking around or hiking.
  2. Parka jacket, I know you might be getting tired of this model but I think it is still most suitable for walking around and not looking like a ski sports girl all the time.
  3. ‚‚Ninja time‚ ‚,I love this stuff simply beacuse I do not think about wind and cold and I am protected all the time.
  4. Good quality gloves.These gloves are perfect for keeping your hands warm while your snowboarding or in a snowball fight. Invest in good quality gloves and your hand will return you a favor.
  5. Knitting pattern hat, I mean it is woods, the mountain of course you need one of these.
  6. Moon boots, I know this is typical fashionista trend but still these boots are really good and warm choice for the deep snow.
  7. They often told me I look like a kid with this knitting hat but I do not care nor I will .I like it 🙂
  8. Calvin Klein is bringing back good old school Balaklava ski mask
  9. Ski suit is a long term investment so do not spare your budget if you can. Plan to make any snowman go tubing, or skiing, you will need a pair of these
  10. Comfortable winter scarf. I can get enough of them. Check out Ana Alcazar brand.
  11. Snowshoes. Well if you have space in the bag hide them to be near you just in case you do not want to look like a polar bear stuck by the fireplace.
  12. Good quality glasses for the snow and sun protection. Maybe this is not something most fashionable that you want but it is something that you really need.

My absolute favorite ski and snow collection

Well now when I am packed and ready to be a snowman in my own winter fairytale, I can seat and relax and show you my absolute favorite collection for the snow trip that i would love to have in my closet.Yes my dear all it is Moncler and wonderful collection that had premiere at Milan Fashion Week in 2018.Hope you will like this sports collection inspired by multi cultural touch.